March 12, 2017

About us

Red Caramel Photography is a Connecticut-based photography studio established in 2009 that specializes in on-location contemporary photography, creating the right images for your portraits and capturing heartfelt moments during your special events.

The Team: Eugene + Cecilia

Photo by TJ Tantiangco

Eugene (the tech guy) + Cecilia (the photographer) = a husband-and-wife photography team. We’ve been together since 1995, engaged in 2000, and married a year later. In 2009, we followed a dream, and took a leap of faith. From husband-and-wife, Red Caramel Photography turned us into business partners as well.

Photo by TJ Tantiangco

We are based in Danbury, Connecticut, but we go where we’re needed. Kind of like superheroes, minus the capes and masks. We love traveling. Destination weddings, you say? Our gear’s portable!

Now that you know about us, we’d love to get to know you! If you have any questions, check out the Q&A section and get in touch with us.