March 14, 2017


Describe a typical session.

For portraits, our photo shoots are pretty laid-back. We don’t start taking pictures immediately. We’ll talk, chat, and get to know you first.

For weddings and special events, we can be the unobtrusive, casual observers who just happened to have cameras on hand. Or we can be front and center telling everyone to pose this way and that. It all depends on what you want and what you need. You’ll find us standing on top of a chair to get “that shot”. Or we can be kneeling down on the floor.

We’re the guests you can find all over the place. In a good way, of course.

When do you hold your sessions?

We enjoy shooting early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Where will you take photographs?

At home or on location – either one will work just fine. We go where you want us to go. We don’t work out of a studio. If you want an on-location session, we’d say, “Let’s go outside”. We can go to a nearby park, a playground, a beach, a lake, etcetera.

What should we wear?

Be comfortable! We can e-mail you tips on what to wear for a photo shoot.

What happens after the photo session? How can I view the photos?

We will upload the photos into an online photo gallery. You will receive an e-mail with the link to view the photos. You can order the prints directly from the website.

We’re eloping. Can you take our wedding pictures?

First of all, thanks for allowing us to be part of your wedding. We’d love to take your pictures–we have a special package for couples like you who want to keep their wedding small and low-key. Just e-mail us for more information.

How do I book your services?

Just get in touch with us. Complete the form. In the “Message” box, give us the time and the location.

Don’t forget to mention other information that you think we should know (for example, surprise photo shoot for your spouse; first birthday party; bar mitzvah; etc.). You’ll definitely hear from us whether or not we’re available on your preferred date and time. If not, we’ll e-mail you right back with an alternate date, time and location. Once we agree on it, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail.

I don’t want all my pictures to look the same. Can you give them different styles, like if I want one set to look like vintage shots and the others with a more retro look?

Every photo assignment is different, and we know you have an idea what you want your photos to look like. We make sure that you get what you want in each picture, from the colors to the style.

What if we can’t agree on an approach or a style?

Some things can’t be forced. We’ll discuss the shoot. If we can’t agree on anything (hey, it can happen), then we will recommend a different photographer that will meet your needs.